Hackensack River County Park

Hackensack River County Park, a beloved destination in the heart of Hackensack, New Jersey, offers a serene escape for both residents and visitors. This expansive urban park, spanning approximately 2.4 miles along the Hackensack River, serves as a green oasis in the midst of a bustling cityscape. Its diverse range of attractions and recreational facilities make it a vital point of interest in Hackensack, catering to the interests of nature enthusiasts, outdoor adventurers, and those seeking relaxation.


The park’s natural beauty is undoubtedly one of its most captivating features. The winding Hackensack River runs through the park, creating a calming and peaceful ambiance. The park’s extensive trails provide an excellent opportunity for residents to reconnect with nature and enjoy a refreshing hike or a leisurely walk. These well-maintained trails are a haven for joggers, bicyclists, and dog walkers alike. The riverfront setting and lush greenery also make it an ideal spot for birdwatching, attracting a wide array of avian species that call this area home. View More


For those looking to unwind, the Hackensack River County Park offers plenty of options. The scenic picnic areas along the riverbanks are perfect for a delightful afternoon outing with family and friends. Visitors can also enjoy a leisurely stroll along the riverside promenade while taking in the tranquil views of the river. With ample open spaces, the park provides the perfect setting for a casual game of frisbee, soccer, or any other outdoor activities that bring people together.


One of the park’s standout features is the Environmental Center, which offers a fascinating learning experience about the local ecology and history of the Hackensack River. The center provides educational programs and exhibits that engage visitors of all ages. Nature enthusiasts can explore the various ecosystems found within the park, including tidal salt marshes and freshwater wetlands, while gaining a deeper understanding of the local flora and fauna.


In addition to its natural attractions, Hackensack River County Park is a hub for recreational sports. Tennis courts, basketball courts, and playgrounds cater to visitors with a penchant for active recreation. The park also boasts a beautiful butterfly garden, which serves as a sensory delight and educational space for children and adults alike.


One of the key highlights of this park is its accessibility to the Overpeck County Park, allowing visitors to explore a broader expanse of natural beauty. The interconnected trail systems encourage longer hikes and biking adventures, creating a larger interconnected green space for the community.


Whether you seek an escape into nature, a place for outdoor activities, or a location to learn about the local environment, Hackensack River County Park provides it all. Its role as a central point of interest in Hackensack is indisputable, offering a sanctuary within the city limits where individuals and families can revel in the splendors of the great outdoors, reconnect with nature, and enjoy the simple pleasures of urban park life. Next Article

Hackensack River County Park

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